Pam is amazing at what she does!! I did personal training with her and saw a HUGE difference in my strength. I am stronger than I ever thought possible today because of her. She knows just how and when to encourage and motivate you to keep pushing. Even when I didn’t feel like working out, I felt so much better afterwards and I always thanked her. Yes, I thanked her for kicking my butt!! She has so much health and fitness knowledge and is always glad to share new information with others. Pam is truly an excellent trainer and if you commit to making a lifestyle change, she will definitely help you reach your fitness goals with her butt kicking workouts and guidance.
– Nancy Vargas, personal training client


Ms. Grimm is a wonderful trainer. I am a difficult person to train and very stubborn. The way she chooses to encourage and engage you just when you’re at the point you want to give up is wonderful. She is very inspirational and if she could train for free she would. The price of the sessions cannot be beat. I am also not the outdoors type, but it is wonderful working out in the fresh air. By the time our warm up is over I am literally glistening (since I don’t sweat… Lol). Ms. Grimm provided us with a healthy option of eating. My body is transforming in ways it has not in the past, I accredit that to the types of workouts she formulates… Come join us it’s a wonderful experience.
– Toinsanita McNeil, FitCamp client


I would like thank Pam my trainer for pushing me week after week! This week I saw a 4 pound weight loss and most of all I have amazing energy! Pam your class kicks butt, it is inspiring and it will push your body to some new limits!! See you next Session!!
– Anisha Moore-Johnson, FitCamp client